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Attention, Radio Stations!

  • Turn your unsold airtime into cash. Increase your bottom line by joining Hotels Etc.

  • Hotels Etc. was created in 1997, and with nearly 3 million members is considered to be the world's largest travel discount club. Hotels Etc. will help your station make hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars per week by setting up a zero-cost joint venture with you.

  • Your station will simply air an ad for Hotels Etc. and every sale your ad generates will make you a commission. Hotels Etc. will fulfill and process the order. More details will be provided during a short phone conference.

  • In combination of our 30 minute TV show and our Multi Media marketing campaign that is getting ready to take off, you won't want to miss out on the opportunity to cash in on Hotels Etc.

  • In addition to the 28.30 minute TV show, Hotels Etc. has created a new 60 second commercial. We also have ad slicks and 30-60 minute radio commercial scripts.

  • Simply fill out the form below and let us show you how to turn your unsold advertising space into CASH for at no cost to you. Upon submitting the form please allow 48 hours for the CEO of Hotels Etc. to contact you to further discuss.


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